“I am unique and miraculous. I love myself unconditionally. I am doing enough. I have enough. I AM ENOUGH."


It is believed that pink quartz with iron traces ensure balance and harmony between our solar plexus chakra which is the centre of control & will and our heart chakra to heal any barrier in our hearts that are holding us back from opening our hearts for love.


Aquamarine is one of the important crystals that enhances to make peace with our past and let our past go to find peace within, it is used for healing all past decisions or experiences that led us give up on loving ourselves unconditionally. 

Crystal quartz is placed as a supporter in this design to bring clearance and peace to the situation and to duplicate the effects of all the crystals. 


Mala is decorated with rose gold coated brass pieces and hand knotted on soft pink thread, finished with rose gold coated brass Heart Chakra Symbol. 


This is ideal for individuals whom intend to free themselves from their past, open their hearth to unconditional self love & compassion and to accept love from other people. 

Mala | Self Love & Esteem: Compassionate with Herself

  • 8 mm Rose Quartz w/ iron
  • 8 mm Aquamarine
  • Crystal Quartz

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