“I am brave. It is safe for me to move forward in life. I am the master of  my own decisions.”


This mala is handknotted on a golden/mustard thread with the two different high-quality Brown and Honeygold tones of Tiger's Eye crystal which is the strongest crystal to leave your fears behind to grow, move forward, self-develop and take actions. The mala is supported with lava stone to activate root chakra and to firmly step on the ground. It is finished with a gold coated brass Seed of Life symbol.


This is ideal for individuals who want to take action, need support to take a step forward and make transformative decisions easily.




Mala | Moving Forward: One Step at a Time

  • 8 mm Tiger's Eye
  • 8 mm Honeygold Tiger's Eye
  • 8 mm Gold color Coated Lava Stone

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