“I am brave. It is safe for me to take a step forward in life. I am free. I am the master of my own decisions.”


This mala is created with  Honeygold Tiger's Eye crystal which is one of the strongest crystals to leave your fears behind to grow, move forward, self-develop and take actions; Moon Stone carrying the energy of new beginnings, hope and Aventurine that attracts chance and abundence as well as good luck. It is hand knotted on a sand color thread with gold coated brass details and finished with a gold coated brass Seed of Life.


It is ideal for individuals who intend to make new beginnings in life, make their decisions in a fast and accurate way, always keeping their hopes fresh. 

Mala | Moving Forward: New Beginnings

  • 8 mm Moonstone
  • 8 mm Honeygold Tiger's Eye
  • 8 mm Aventurine

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