“I am brave. It is safe for me to move forward in life. I am the master of my own decisions. My dreams are my reality.”


Garnett is simply described as “feet on earth, head in heaven” and it enables one to ground their energy on earth and ensures protection while boosting passion and creativity. It is the crystal of desires!

Lepidolite helps to heal all past fears and addictions and make emotional connections with ourselves. It is the perfect for transformation and transition periods in life.

This mala is handknotted on purple thread with rose gold plated brass details and finished with the Seed of Life symbol. 


It is ideal for the ones who want to manifest their dreams in into their tomorrow's reality with all the miracles and regardless of their past choices and for the ones who wants to follow the calling of their dreams. 



Mala | Moving Forward: Dreams Come True

  • 8 mm Garnett
  • 8 mm Lepidolite

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