“It is safe for me to love myself and others. I open my heart with compassion. I radiate with love, peace and understanding."


Rose Quartz is a very strong crystal to soften the heart and open it for love, Moon Stone is the ultimate crystal that blesses femininity and perfect woman nature and Apatite supports Higher Self-expression during the transition to adulthood and responsibility.  All these three beautiful crystals are handknotted on this mala on a light pink thread and finished with rose gold coated brass details and Seed of Life. It also comes with a mini pink tassel.


This is ideal for the ones who intend to open their hearts for love, experience unconditional love for themselves and others. At the same time, this mala is recommended for mothers and pregnant women for the support of overcoming possible hardships in this transforming journey with compassion and determination and for a peacefully opened heart to the newcomer.

Mala | Love and Compassion: Loving Motherhood

  • 8 mm Moon Stone
  • 8 mm Rose Quartz
  • 8 mm Apatite
  • Crystal Quartz

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