“I am free of all beliefs, behaviours and actions that do not serve my Higher Self and life purpose. I compassionately choose to let go of all the events, people and situations that do not serve me anymore."


In this mala Gold Rutilated Quartz is believed to heal the emotional wounds of the past and open the doors for spiritual awareness is supported with Aquamarine which is believed to help let go of control and setting one free from past. Mother of Pearl is added to support the balance of inner peace and emotions during this transition and Grey Agate for grounding and a sense of safety.


This mala is hand knotted on grey thread and finished with a cold plated brass Tree of Life symbol. At the very tip you will find two small hematite or smokey quartz mini beads to support protection from negative energies during this transition. 





This is ideal for individuals who are stuck with past events, situations and individuals, struggle to leave things behind in near future or in other times and free from negative belief patterns from mother father and surrounding during meditation and to carry with them.


Mala | Inner Peace: Free from the Past

  • 8 mm Gold Rutilated Quartz
  • 8 mm Aquamarine 
  • 8 mm Mother of Pearl
  • 8 mm Grey Agate 
  • Hematite or Smokey Quartz

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