“I am centered, focused and grounded. I always choose to stay in the moment. All is well in my world. I am safe and protected."


Black Tourmaline is known to clear all possible negative energies and act as a protective shield. It is even believed that Black Tourmaline is a shield against witchcraft since the ancient time. It protects against electromagnetic damages of intensely used electronic devices. This crystal that acts as a shield to any situation or person to decrease your energy in your environment.


Combined with Labradorite that represents our spiritual aspects in the strongest way and strengthens our aura, this mala is hand knotted on black thread with gold coated brass details and completed with Flower of Life as the main form of Sacred Geometry.


This is ideal for individuals who are present in such environments without definite positive energy in their surroundings, either work or normal life, wanting to stay constantly connected with their spirit to keep in their own field and shield and who wants a protection against harmful effects of electromagnetic devices.

Mala | Grounding & Protection: Guarded by the Spirit

  • 8 mm Black Tourmaline
  • 8 mm Labradorite
  • 6 mm Labradorite

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