“In my perfect feminine nature I created my perfect feminine reality with love. I wear my divine feminine identity with pride.”


This mala is beaded with Moonstone which is used to heal feminine energies for centuries and supported with its balancing crystal: Sunstone. Sunstone is believed to bring luck, energy and charm into one’s life soaking up the energy of the Sun. Rose Quartz is placed in this mala to to help boost the loving, soothing and compassionate energy of our feminine side. 


This mala is beaded with 6 mm crystals on pink thread and decorated with rose gold coated brass details and Sacral Chakra symbol to finish.


It is ideal for the ones who intend to embrace their feminine side with all their existance, remember their kind, creative and nurturing nature, who wants to shine their bright light and understanding side. 

Mala | Feminity: Loving Goddes

  • 6 mm Moon Stone
  • 6 mm Sun Stone
  • 6 mm Rose Quartz

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