"It is safe for me to feel my emotions and express my feelings. I express my self kindly, lovingly and yet with courage." 


Apatite supports one to manifest their dreams into realit and by healing the Throat Chakra enables the expression to open. It clarifies our fuzzy view in the rush of daily life, provides inspiration, motivation, intellectuality and fast learning, affirms positive thoughts rather than negative judgements about the self. In this mala Apatite is combined with the beautiful crystal of the seas, Aquamarine, that gives a sense of freshness as if cold water hits our face, calms our mind, gives courage and helps us leave past patterns and beliefs behind us. This mala is handknotted with light pink thread and finished with an Aquamarine guru bead and light pink fringe. It is decorated with rose gold coated brass pieces. 


This is ideal for individuals who want to discover their own reality and express this in a confident way, support their journey to realise their dreams with crystals and at the same time have the supportive energy of these two natural stones on the path to wisdom and learning. 

Mala | Expression: Self Assured

  • 8 mm Apatite
  • 8 mm Aquamarine
  • Aquamarine Guru Bead

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