“I accept the gifts of the universe and life in balance and harmony. I trust life and all that it will bring. Everything happens to my highest good."


Angelite is known for its calming effects and sedative energy and is a rare crystal with extremely high-level vibration that is believed to ensure the connection with angelic powers as the name suggests. In this mala Angelite is supported with beautiful Amethyst beads which is among the strongest healing stones that strengthens our connection with the Source and also with Blue Lace Agate which is also a rare crystal that is believed to uncover one's hidden talents and help to express their self-reality with clear and smooth processes. This mala is handknotted on purple thread and completed with gold coated brass details.


This is ideal for individuals who are at the focus of their attention and intent, walking the path to expressiong their truth and want to constantly feel the support of the universe.

Bracelet | Surrender & Let Go: The Universe Has Your Back

SKU: 18MALA 005
  • 8 mm Angelite
  • 8 mm Amethyst
  • 8 mm Blue Lace Agate

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