“I am unique and miraculous. I love myself unconditionally. I am doing enough. I have enough. I AM ENOUGH."


This mala is prepared with high-quality iron-traced Rose Quartz and high-quality Labradorite crystal; hand knotted on a gold colour thread and completed with rose gold coated brass details.


It is believed that Rose Quartz with iron traces ensure balance and harmony between our Solar Plexus Chakra which is the centre of control & will and our Heart Chakra to heal any barrier in our hearts that are holding us back from opening our hearts for love.


Labradorite strengthens the aura of one and provides self-confidence. This crystal connects on with the Higher Self and helps one to notice their miraculous side.


This is ideal for individuals who want to re-experience unconditional self-confidence like back in their childhood, strenghten their aura and perceive spiritual messages and always remember that self-love is the beginning of everything.

Bracelet | Self Love and Esteem: Bright Aura

SKU: 18MALA 003
  • 8 mm Rose Quartz w/iron 
  • 6 mm Rose Quartz
  • 6 mm Labradorite
  • 10 mm Grey Agate

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