“It is safe for me to surrender and let go. It is safe for me to trust what is and what will be.  In the divine order everything happens to my highest good.”


This 18 bead wrist mala is beaded with Lepidolite that helps one to accept life as it is during transformation times with its ups and downs, during transition, loss or gain and helps one to free themselves from physical and emotional addictions, release old behavourial patterns. Lepidolite also pulls one focus from outwards to inwards and help see what really matters the most. It is supported with Aquamarine’s encouraging yet calming effects and Rose Quartz’s compassionate, heart fulfilling powers and Moonstone’s great support in new beginnings. 


It is hand knotted on lilac thread and decorated with rose gold plated brass details, completed with rose gold coated Lotus Flower. 


It is ideal for the ones who intend to accept life with all its phases, stay centered during ups and downs, who wants to perceive life through a bigger picture and remember everything happens to our highest good on a divine level.

Bracelet | Honoring Life

SKU: 18MALA 013
  • 8 mm Lepidolite
  • 8 mm Rose Quartz
  • 8 mm Aquamarine

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