"I heal myself as I heal others. I heal others as I heal myself.  I am one with the universal healing power."


The healing crystal Amethyst is believed to protect an individual from evil energy since past ages and has been carried by religious people since the ancients times. It calms the mind, heals negative thinking patterns and eliminates stress. Amethysts is supoorted with Prehnite crystal which is one of the most effective crystals for Heart Chakra and is recommended for all healers and medical people to carry. Prehnite is believed to open the door of illumination and provides peace and calmness to the mind. It is also known as "Healer of the Healers'". This mala is hand knotted on a purple thread and completed with rose gold coated brass details. 


This is ideal for individuals who intends to give and receive healing and working on the path of spiritual awareness. 

Bracelet | Healer's Crystals

SKU: 18MALA 012
  • 8 mm Amethyst
  • 8 mm Prehnite

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