“I perceive and accept everything as it truly is. I mindfully live in the moment free from the past and the future.”


This 18 bead wrist mala is beaded from Howlite as the main crystal which is known to help regulate sleeps, calms over-working minds, provides an understanding mindset, brings inner peace & patience. It is supported with Aquamarine and Moonstone for their soothing energies. Hand knotted on a light blue thread and decorated with gold plated brass detais, completed with gold plated Flower of Life symbol.


It is ideal for the ones who intend to stay calm and present in all situations, who wants to remember their perfect connection to the guidance of their Higher Selves.

Bracelet | Calm and Patient

SKU: 18MALA 014
  • 8 mm Howlite
  • 8 mm Moon Stone
  • 8 mm Aquamarine

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