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Intentional Living

Our most valued intention is to provide you with everything we can that will remind and keep you mindful of your intention.

The Mala Beads

All the malas are designed specific to an intention and hand knotted by female artisans with unique crystals to support that intention.

Choose the one that speaks to your heart and start manifesting it into the creating powers of the Universe.

Pink Gemstone Bread Mala Necklace

Self-Love & Esteem:

Compassionate with Herself


Light Blue and Navy Gemstone Bread Mala Necklace

Surrender & Let Go

The Universe Has Your Back


White and Navy Blue Gemstone Bread Mala Necklace


Self Assured


Adjustable Mala Bracelets

All hand knotted with 18 beads to compliment the sacred number of 108 and perfectly adjustable to your wrist. 

Male Adjustable Brown 18 bead mala bracelet

Moving Forward:

New Beginnings (Male)


Adjustable White 18 bead mala bracelet

Moving Forward:

New Beginnings


Adjustable Brown 18 bead mala bracelet

Love and Compassion:

Eternal Love


Hand knotted with the best intentions, love & care

Gemstone Energy
Genuine Crystal Bread Mala Necklace

With all due respect to their original colors and structure genuine crystals sourced respectfully from all over the world are intentionally selected.

Genuine Crystal Beads
Power of Saging

Each crystal is saged one by one to refresh its energy and to unlock its potential before taking over its duty in a design. 

The Moon

After saging, all crystals are washed under the light of the full moon and kept next to other crystals.


After all the cleanse and intentional picking, each mala is hand knotted with care through an internal process by chanting mantras and prayers.

Your intention creates your reality

Intentional Living

Be aware of your truth,

Speak up your truth,

Create your reality.


Remember, the universe has your back.

Remember, it's all going to be fine at the end.

Remember my dear, we are all made of stardust.

Manifest your dreams with your intention.

Pursue your life for the best with your intention.

Make the world a better place with your intention.


One bead at a time,

One knot a time,

With all the love, all the time.

Spreading light,

Spreading love,

Always and forever.

Customer Testimonials

Your views and satisfaction is very important to us. See what our customers are saying about our products and service.

Sold Product: Pink Bread Gemstone Mala Necklace

Jessie D.

11 May 2020

"This mala is amazing and exactly right for me! The quality of the beads are amazing and the attention to details is WOW. Thank you!

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